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Monday, July 5, 2010

Barmes & Torres for your Consideration.

If your looking for some depth on your baseball rosters I have two pick ups for you.

#1 Clint Barmes (COL 2B, SS) First off I get excited when I can find a multi position pick up. and Barmes is hot lately. in the last 30 days he is batting .330
15runs, 3HR, 15RBI & 2SB. He is available in 41% of yahoo! leagues and 75% of CBS Leagues.

#2 Andres Torres (SF OF) Looking for a gem in the outfield?? try Andres Torres this young speedy fielder is coming on strong this summer. In the last 30 days he is batting .296 17runs, 1HR (in the park) 10RBI,8SB. This guy is quick and he can make things happen on the base paths, and best of all he is below most peoples radar currently, available in 11% of Yahoo! leagues and 29% of CBS leagues.


Anonymous said...

He is dumber tahn dumb a complet Moron!

Anonymous said...

he is a complete Moron!