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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Picks for Coke Zero 400 at Daytona

Its here again a restricter plate race! What I have learned from past racers at Daytona and Talledega is nothing really matters, not having the best equipment, not having the best crew, not being the best driver etc... it all comes down to missing the big one. I am not using any of my drivers with less than 8 starts left(except Dale JR.) as I don't want to lose the start just to end up in the big one and ending up finishing 39th (it has happened to me several times over the years) So I am starting drivers with several starts left, some are surprising that they have so many starts left, others it is obvious why.... here are the drivers I am allocating for Yahoo! qualifying...

A List

Kurt Busch 8 starts left, he has been under utilized this season and it might pay off later this season.

Tony Stewart 9 Starts left, Smoke under performed early in the season but I think he has found his groove.

B List

Dale Earnhardt JR. 5 Starts left, I plan on using him here and at Talledega, not going to count on him other than that.

David Ragan 9 starts left, been running strong might survive the blender.

Jamie McMurray 9 starts left, another under utilized driver that could pull it off.

Brad Kesolowski 8 Starts left, He might cause the big one but not get taken out by it.

C List

Bobby Labonte 9 starts left, crafty veteran has a better shot to avoid the big one then some of the other drivers.

Reed Sorenson 9 starts left, I am choosing Sorenson because he better equipment than most of the remaining drivers on the c list.

Once again its a crap shoot I could just pick names from a hat and be more successful, but such is restricter plate racing....


Robb/Angus said...

I have switch Labonte to Robby Gordon on my C list after his awesome practice times...