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Friday, June 25, 2010

Fantasy Football RB obsession.....

Every year at draft time we clamour for the top RB's, but why is that?

As more and more teams go with RB's by committee, it makes little sense to overvalue running backs. Last year in my Yahoo! leagues only one RB finished in the top ten in total points, that was chris Johnson who came in second.

Now sure if your picking #1 or 2 overall your going to take a RB, how can you justify leaving Johnson or Peterson on the Table? If your picking third you'll probably stick with a RB but it is a drop from 1 and 2 after that you should go with a Quaterback.

Scenario if your picking 6th how can you justify taking Frank Gore over Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees? thats like giving up 100 pts over the course of the season!

By grabbing a QB early you will get your stud QB not a left over, and you might just cause a run on QB's which will leave you more RB's to pick from in round 2, just a thought.....