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Sunday, June 27, 2010

NASCAR Line Up New Hampshire

Well here is my picks for the Lenox 301 in New Hampshire today. I did not do a great job with my preliminary picks and only one of my drivers is starting in the top 10 (Bowyer is starting 9th). The New Hampshire race track is roughly a mile long and is shaped like a paper clip, also the race is only 301 miles, so its more important to start at the front since there is less time to work pit strategies.

If anyone has Jimmie Johnson available for this race, you have to use him even though he only qualified in tenth position, he has been the fastest in practice in the last two sessions.

My A group driver is Jeff Gordon who is starting 16th
My bench driver is Hamlin who is starting 20th and has been much slower than Gordon in practice.

My B group drivers are Martin Truex Jr.(starts 26th) and Clint Bowyer (starts 9th)
Starting Bowyer was a no brainer as he has qualified and practiced well, Choosing Truex took a little more grey matter, even though he qualified 26th he was 6th fastest in the last two practices.
My bench drivers are Marcus Ambrose who starts 12th but had slower practice time than Truex. An Kevin Harvick who starts 24th and was getting fast in the last practice session( I am tempted to use Harvick but I want to save some of his starts)

My C group driver is Paul Menard, with Reed Sorenson on the bench