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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Picking Up Naanee & Jackson

Just some moves I made in one of My Yahoo! leagues and my though process involved in making the moves...

Sometimes you need to change but you need to research a little to make sure your change actually helps, positive change good, change for the sake of change bad.

I won last week but I still made 3 moves This morning.

Move 1 Drop Kareem Huggins picked up Brandon Jackson

Reason for move 1 Huggins was a sleeper RB pick in our draft, he did not play this week, Jackson is a Green Bay RB who is now their starter because of Ryan Grants Injury, Upgrade

Move 2 Drp Lee Evans Picked Up Legadu Naanee

Reason for move 2 Lee is an accomplished WR in Buffalo but their offense is lackluster, Naanee is a WR in SD whose offense is really active in the passing game, with Vincent Jackson's holdout it appears Naanee is step up to the plate with scoring.

Move 3 Drop David Buehler sign John Kasey

Reason for move 3 I picked Buehler with my last pick in the draft(I always pick a K last, no reason to waste a higher pick, no one has ever won their league because of their K) My thought in taking Buehler was he kicks for the Cowboys he'll get lots of chances... well he got his chances last week and missed every field Goal so I grabbed the veteran Kasey who is going against TB this week and should have plenty of opportunity, I may swap K's a half dozen times in a season.