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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week One NFL, Dump Kolb!

OK week one is in the books, and there where quite a few surprises out there.
Two big performers where Arian Foster and Matt Forte. Both should be held on to as they should continue to rack up points, especially Forte, as he is going to have a monster year with Mike Martz calling plays (think Marshall Faulk with the Rams!)

The real big disappointment was Kevin Kolb

Kolb is going to be a messy situation, even before He got hurt Andy Reid kept inserting Micheal Vick in the game. Kolb Left with a concussion completing only 5 passes with a QB rating of 56.2, Vick came in and in the second half found his stride and really made a game of it. Reid claims there won't be a QB battle, but I don't see how their won't be if Vick keeps coming into the game.

I recomend dropping Kolb and picking up either Matt Hassleback, Derek Anderson I might take a flyer on Vick if I already had a decent backup QB.