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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Run for the Hillis!

Ok week three in the NFL is in the bag and some great sleepers have come to light. If Peyton Hillis is available in your league snag him now, he is pure 100% Stud! I was already big on Hillis but after dropping  144yds on the Ravens, he is now bonafide.

anothe good waiver pick up would be Benjarvus Green-Ellis or the Law Firm as he is known. Now that Faulk is out for the season and with Fred Taylor being so dang old it is time for the Law Firm to be the man.....


Stephen said...

The Browns have actually led in the 4th quarter in all their games, so hopefully the emergence of Hillis will help them finally close out a game for their first win against the Bengals on Sunday. Go Brownies!

I also like the Green-Ellis pick-up but I don't know if I would start him this week. I think the Patriots are going to go extra heavy on the pass game against a weak Miami pass defense. However, I think Green-Ellis will be great the rest of the way.