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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Must have Playoff pick ups

As the regular fantasy football season is winding down, its time to bolster your roster for the playoffs.  First off how good is your Back up QB?I can know that over 40% of Fantasy players can upgrade their teams at Backup QB. I'll throw a couple of names out.
 Ryan Fitzpatrick ( available in 47% of Yahoo Leagues 18% of CBS). Fitz is a geat backup capable of giving you big numbers and is worthing of spot starting due to Matchups.

Sam Bradford (available in 67% of Yahoo and 38% CBS) While not as consistant as Fitzpatrick he has turned the corner as is worth the roster spot as a backup and especially in keeper leagues.

But The Main guy I think you need right now is.........

Jon Kitna, thats right I said what I never thought I would say, but go pick up Kitna. I promise you he is producing better than your back up, in fact he is producing better than 25% of starting QB's on fantasy roster's! Want proof ? These stats come from a standard Yahoo! league. In the Last 6 games Kitna has scored 107.14 points. While Peyton Manning in His last 6 starts has scored 102.6 points. so if you need depth don't wait , grab Kitna. You won't be sorry everybody in Dallas is playing for their jobs, so expect a lot of passing from here on out,meaning lots more points for Kitna.