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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Playoff Pick Ups Part 2

OK, this time I am going to focus on late season RB pick ups to help you make and win in the Playoffs. The top 3 contenders you can make waiver claims are, Brian Westbrook, Toby Gerhart & Jonathon Stewart.

We will start with the Ol' man of the bunch or the "Wizard" as he is known, Brian Westbrook. Gore is done for the season, so Westbrook is the man, again. In 2007 & 2008 westbrook was an elite back running over everyone and catching a lot of balls to boot, then he started getting some nicks,Philly didn't re-sign him and he wound up in San Fran. The Only Concern here is can he stay healthy, he has already proven he can stay in a game longer than Chad Pennington. Can He hold it together for 5 games? This is a gamble I am willing to take. In Philly Westbrook's name always seemed to be on the injury report, but he always seemed to play on Sunday and have a big game. Thats what the Wizard is a Gamer. He is available in 71% 0f Yahoo Leagues and 85% in CBS Today, tomorrow after waivers he'll be gone.

Next Up is Jonathon Stewart, who appears to be healthy. With Deangelo Williams on IR and Mike Goodson being...well Mike Goodson Stewart should remain the starter. Unfortunately The Panthers still want to platoon RB's so Stewart will share some of his carries. He Is Available in 46%  Yahoo leagues and 30% of CBS.

And now presenting your new starting tailback in Minnesota (maybe) Toby Gerhart.
If you are an A.P. owner and don't already have Gerhart handcuffed, we may have to come and take your man card. Sure Gerhart wasn't the fasted RB in his draft class, and he's not even the fastest on his team, but he is faster than Favre, meaning he will be open when ol'#4 scrambles. If Gerhart starts this week I expect big #'s. The Vikings are being very quiet so far to the extent of A.P.'s injury, But I am assuming that he won't start this week against Buffalo. That single fact alone means you should snag him and start him if only for this week as the Bills are giving up 167 yards a game on the ground.

Of The 3 RB My first Choice would be Westbrook other than Seattle every team he is going up against allows over 100 yards a game, and if your in a league that has your championship on week 17 your in luck The Niners get to play Arizona again but this time its a home game.